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Thursday 7:19 PM   May 11, 2017
The Spanish Springs Weather This Evening Is --- And Dry
Current Weather Dry & ---

Cloud Base 9659ft.

Sun Rise 5:47 am
Sun Set 8:03 pm
Length of Day: 14h 55m
Tomorrow will be:
0m 50s longer


Sparks Nevada Forecast
Feels Like 32°F
Max 56°F at 12:00 AM
Min 48°F at 2:18 AM

Max 65% at 2:11 AM
Min 50% at 12:00 AM

8 mph N
Max Gust 3.5 mph
NW at 12:30 AM

Wind Chill 74°F

29.81 in.
Trend Rising rapidly

Last Hour 0.00 in.     Today 0.00 in.
Month 0.35 in.     Year 13.87 in.

1 Consecutive days without precip.
2 Days with precip. this month & 47 this year
This page updates every 5 min. - If you see no data, refresh/reload this page. - Today's precip. total & weather extremes reset at midnight.

Weather Camera
Northwest View - Station Elevation 4370ft.
South View - Overlooking Sparks/Reno

Full Forecast

Yesterday's Spanish Springs Weather
Max 80.3 at 2:21 PM
Min 35.9 at 5:49 AM
Max 83% at 4:51 AM
Min 15% at 3:16 PM
Max Wind Gust
18.4 mph N at 8:51 AM

Regional Weather
Reno, Nv.
Temp: %mesomaptemp1%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir1% %mesomapspeed1% mph
Elko Airport
Winnemucca, Nv.
Temp: %mesomaptemp15%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir15% %mesomapspeed19% mph
Lovelock, Nv.
Temp: %mesomaptemp16%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir16% %mesomapspeed16% mph
Mammoth Lakes, Ca.
Temp: %mesomaptemp17%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir17% %mesomapspeed17% mph
Tonopah, Nv.
Temp: %mesomaptemp18%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir18% %mesomapspeed18% mph
Truckee, Ca.
Temp: %mesomaptemp19%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir19% mph
Las Vegas, Nv.
Temp: %mesomaptemp20%°F
Wind: %mesomapdir20% %mesomapspeed20% mph

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